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Our Brands


 From commuting and grocery-getting to casual rides around town or adventure cycling, you can find your ride here. If you peek in our store window, you’ll see stylish Linus road bikes, tough and versatile Fairdales, and adventure-ready Framed fat bikes. We are also passionate about utility bikes, which have the capability to carry heavy loads or go long distances - these are bikes for touring, cargo delivery, or daily commuting. Don’t see anything you like? Come in and chat, or send us a message! We often have affordable, freshly-tuned used bikes, and the capacity to order many more new options online, usually for less than you’d pay online for the same model.


 Whether your interest is safety, security, hydration, or utility, we can help you. Personalize your bike with bells and grips, or install racks and bags to tote groceries. We’re always trying new products, and base many of our choices on our personal experiences and customer feedback. If we don’t think a product is durable or trustworthy, we don’t carry it - it’s that simple. Brands currently in stock are Cygolite, Mirrycle, Spokelit, Planet Bike, PDW, Lazer, Wald, SKS, and many more.


Service is our priority, so we strive to keep as many replacement parts stocked as possible, to repair and return your bicycle in as little as one day. We can work with your tastes and budget when making repairs, so your bike is updated according to your tastes. You can find many parts here, such as drive and brake components, wheels, handlebars, seats, and tires for your at-home projects. Current brands in house include Shimano, Sram, KMC, TriFlow, Dimension, Stans, CST, Kenda, Schwalbe, and more.


If you’re into it, we’re into it. Described by our mechanics as “the funnest stuff to do,” we love making your vision come to life. Is there something about your bike you don’t like? We can change it! Change your tire tread, swap out brakes, get that funky handlebar wrap you’ve always wanted...the possibilities are endless, and often more affordable than you might think. If you’re a bicyclist of discerning taste, we also do custom wheels and bike builds. Call, message, or stop in for a consultation!

Our Services

Drivetrain Tune-up

  • Clean and lubricate chain, cassette, derailleurs, and crankset adjust derailleurs and shifters


$70 - $100
  • Adjust hubs and true wheels
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Lubricate cables, pivot points, chain


  • Strip all parts from frame
  • Disassemble all bearing units
  • Full detail clean and polish frame and all components
  • Repack and assemble bearing units adjust hubs and true wheels
  • Re-assemble bike
  • Adjust bottom bracket and headset
  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs
  • Lubricate cables, pivot points, chain

Itemized Services

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