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Beginner-friendly Service List

We want bicycling to be approachable for everyone. So I present to you our Plain English Service List – because you shouldn’t have to be a mechanic to hire one.

Axle Spacing: The center of your wheel isn’t fitting into the frame the right way. We add little metal things so it does. $15

Basket or Rack Install: Attach your basket or rack to your bike. $15

Bearing Adjustment: One of the parts of your bike that is supposed to turn smoothly isn’t turning smoothly. We adjust the ball bearings inside so it turns smoothly again. This can be the part you turn with your handlebars, the part in the frame that turns when you pedal, or the part where your wheels turn on the axle.  $15

Bearing Repack: One of the inside parts of your bike that is supposed to turn smoothly wasn’t turning smoothly, and you kept riding on it, didn’t you? It’s okay, we get it. Here, we take apart the bike, extract the ball bearings, and pack new ones in there with some grease so no one else will ever have to know.  $25

Bottom Bracket Install: Remove current bottom bracket, install new bottom bracket (includes crank removal/installation and front derailleur adjustment)  $20

Bottom Bracket Shell Chase & Face: If you don’t know what this is, you don’t need to know what this is. $35

Bike Build – boxed: You got a new bike, but the pieces won’t stay together when you try to ride it. We make them stick together, and adjust them so you’re ready to go.  $65

Bike Build – custom: You want to build a new bike that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Bring us the parts (or have us order them), and we’ll get them put together.  $150

Bike Package: We put your bike in a box so someone can get it back out of the box later, in the same number of pieces as when it went in  $70

Brake Adjust: Your brakes are too sensitive, not sensitive enough, or just weird. We adjust brake’s pads, cable, and position  $10

Brake Bleed: For high-end disc brakes only – bleed one hydraulic brake/hose/lever  $20

Brake Installation (mechanical): Rim brakes stop your bike by pinching your rims. Here, we install and adjust brake pincers.  $15

Brake Installation (hydraulic): Install, drain extra fluids out of the lines of, and adjust one hydraulic brakeset.  $30

Brake lever Installation: Brake levers are the part of the brake you grip with your hand on the handlebar. Here we install and adjust one brake lever.  $15

Brake Pad Replacement: Your brake pads have worn out! Install one brake’s pads and set its cable and position.  $15

Brakeset Installation (one brake and lever): We install one whole brake set, from the tip that touches your hand to the tip that touches your wheel.  $25

Cable Replacement: Brakes or shifters not responding? Have us re-install cable and/or housing for one brake or derailleur (the metal thingy that moves your chain from one gear to the next). Stickiness from cable rust is a common problem, especially in winter/wet weather bikes. $15

Cassette or Freewheel Installation: If you need to change the gear-teeth on your rear wheel, we can put a new one on there for  $10

Chain Adjust: Adjust how long the chain is on your fixie or single-speed so you can ride smoothly and focus on feeling the wind blow through your undercut/moustache/man-bun.  $5

Chain Installation: Your current bike chain is gross for some reason. We take that one off and put in a shiny new one. $10

Chainring(s) Installation: Install the metal teeth that pull your chain around with your pedal.  $15

Clean Bike: Lots of vigorous wiping for a shiny bike. Spit polishing extra.  $25

Clean Drivetrain: Clean all the parts that are involved with moving the chain. $35

Computer Installation: Install and calibrate bicycle computer – no more taking your desktop with you everywhere! $10

Cotter Pin Replacement: Remove the metal stick holding your crank (bigger metal sticks the pedals attach to) on to the rest of your bike, and stick things back together with a new metal stick. $10

Crankset Installation (w/o bottom bracket service): Take off the metal teeth that go near your ankles, and the cranks that attach from there to your pedals, and put a new set on.  $15

Crankset Installation (w/bottom bracket service): same as previous item, but we also swap out the stuff that goes from the center of the metal teeth plate through to the other side of the frame.  $25

Derailleur Installation: A derailleur is the metal bit that moves your chain from one gear to another. Here, we remove the old one, put in a new one, and adjust so gears shift smoothly.  $15

Derailleur Adjustment: adjust one derailleur so you can shift smoothly – no more jumping over gears!  $10

Derailleur Hanger Alignment or Replacement: remove derailleur, and align or replace the flat metal piece that attaches it to your bike.  $20

Drop Out Alignment: Your wheel is straight, but the part of the frame it goes into isn’t. This makes it straight again.  $20 (http://www.parktool.com/assets/img/repairhelp/FFG19.jpg )

Fender Installation: We attach one fender to your bike. $20 Want us to do two? Second one is $10.

Fork Crown Cut/Face: Typically for new forks. We get the contact point nice and flat for ya. ( http://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/fork-crown-race-cutting-and-facing ) (+15 if fork removal required)  $25

Fork Replacement: We do all the work to get the fork off, then put it back together with a new one, including getting the handlebar and brake stuff back where it should be.  $40

Grip Installation: Remove and replace tube-style grips on handlebars. $5

Handlebar Chop (bare bar): Posture fix! Cut handlebars so your hands go closer together.  $10

Handlebar Chop (covered bar): Full service of removing grips, cutting handlebar to desired length, and put everything else back how it was  $20

Handlebar Installation (Retaining existing levers, cable lengths): remove and replace handlebar without needing to install new cables, housing, and/or levers  $15

Handlebar Installation (Requiring other parts replacement): remove and replace handlebar with any cable, housing, and/or lever replacement needed  $30

Handlebar Wrap (Basic): remove and replace handlebar tape  $10

Handlebar Wrap (Fancy): Same as above, but you can creative with multi color wraps, etc. ( http://7169-presscdn-0-61.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/blue-lug-surly-lht-8.jpg )  $20

Headset Installation: Remove and replace the bits that let the fork turn inside the frame. $25

Headtube Ream and Face: Trim weird edge bits of the tube the fork goes into so everything is smooth and even. (+$15 if headset removal needed)  $35

Hood Installation: Typically for drop handlebars. Remove and replace the rubber caps at the base of some brake levers.  $15

Internal Gear Hub Overhaul: disassemble, clean, inspect, rebuild, lubricate and adjust internal gear hub  $60

Hub Rebuild (coaster brake): For bikes that have brakes operated by reverse pressure on the pedals. This is to fix those brakes.   $30

Kickstand Installation: Remove and replace kickstand  $5

Lock Removal (Bolt Cutter): Works for cable locks. Remove lock from bike with bolt cutter at shop  $0

Lock Removal (Grinder/Hacksaw): Works for U-locks. Remove lock from bike using hacksaw or angle grinder  $15

Overhaul All Bearings: disassemble, clean, inspect, and repack hubs, bottom bracket, and headset  $100

Pedal Installation: Remove and replace one or both pedals.  $5

Seat/Seatpost Replacement: Remove and replace seat, seatpost, and/or the thing that attached the seat to the seatpost  $10

Seatpost Chop: Your seat won’t go down far enough because the seatpost it’s attached to is too long. Cut that seatpost.  $10

Shifter Flush: Your gear shifter is stuck. We get it unstuck.  $15

Shift Lever Installation: Install and adjust one gear shift lever  $20

Stem Replacement: Remove and replace the metal component connecting your handlebars to your fork.  $10

Tire Installation: Remove and replace one tire  $10

Wheel Build: We make a wheel out of a hub, rim, and some spokes.  $50

Wheel Dish: Your wheel is too far over to one side. We move it where you want it by adjusting spoke tensions.  $25

Wheel Dish Including Axle Spacing: Your wheel is pretty far off to one side. We move it where you want it by adjusting spoke tensions and adding metal spacers.  $40

Wheel Installation (Front): Remove and replace front wheel and/or the individual softer things that go around the rim. Set brakes.  $15

Wheel Installation (Rear): Remove and replace rear wheel and/or the separate components that go around the rim or on the axle. Adjust rear brake and/or derailleur if needed.  $20

Training Wheels Installation: The name says it all. $10

Wheel Truing (Minor): Your wheel’s a little wobbly, and maybe rubbing the brake every rotation. We straighten it out.  $15

Wheel Truing (Major): Your wheel is REALLY wobbly. Like…people ask how you’re still riding that thing, because it’s making horrible noises. Please let us straighten it out for you.  $30

So there you have it. A thorough, easy-to-read list of the services we provide at Bluestem Bicycles, right here in Brookings, SD. Have a repair question that isn’t addressed here? Contact us! We’d love to chat about what we can do for you.

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